SEO Process

    Website Assessment

    A website assessment is the process of analysing a website’s technical, visual and structural properties to unveil aspects of the website that could be revised and/or implemented to improve the overall site performance. As the owner of a website, your idea of site performance may vary. For small to medium businesses with an online presence,

    Competition Identification

    At Paramount Search Marketing, identifying the competition of your website is at the forefront of any SEO project that we undertake. This involves our SEO consultants taking time to align themselves with the industry that your business or organisation is involved in, and scouring the web to uncover two profiles of competitors. These competitor profiles

    Keyword Research

    We can’t stress the importance of keyword research enough. Many owners of websites think that it goes as far as brainstorming a few keywords they think people would enter into search engines, and throwing them into the meta tags and copy of their site. This is not even the tip of the iceberg. Sure, brainstorming

    Link Generation

    A lot of people ask how Google ranks particular pages in their search results, and a lot of the time the answer isn’t so clear cut. Google assesses over 200 different variables of a web page to determine it’s rank to a search query. One of them, if not the most important, is authority. And

    Analytics and Reporting

    There’s not much point investing time and energy into SEO if you’re not going to build on it. Website analytics provide us with an opportunity to gauge the performance of the site across a wide range of criteria. This is important to be able to track your website’s progress over time. A lot of people