Analytics and Reporting

There’s not much point investing time and energy into SEO if you’re not going to build on it. Website analytics provide us with an opportunity to gauge the performance of the site across a wide range of criteria.

This is important to be able to track your website’s progress over time. A lot of people forget that search engine optimisation is completely measurable, and your ROI is definitely calculable. Some questions you might want answered include:

  • How many people visited your site last month?
  • How long did they stay on the site?
  • Which pages did they visit?
  • How did they get there?
  • Where on the site did they exit?
  • How high is your bounce rate?

These are but a few of the questions that our analytics services provide you. We also provide extremely detailed and full documentation of our analysation of visitor behaviour to you on a monthly basis and are happy to talk you through it. This gives our clients the opportunity to continually set goals for their website and measure the success of achieving those goals. To get started with Paramount Search Marketing, see what we can do for you here.

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